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Your life. Your body. Your care.

I have a chocolate addiction that I’m not interested in treating. I love black and white cats, especially the ones with little mustaches. I Wordle every day and always have a puzzle going. I’m an only child and it shows. I’m obsessed with IKEA blue bags, they are the greatest invention. I dislike TV but love celebrity gossip.

My connection to Andersonville goes way back. My mom shopped at Happy Foods well before that corner became a feminist bookstore. My dad pushed my umbrella stroller all the way to Foster beach. My buddies were the other preschoolers at St Greg’s, and all my birthday cakes came from Swedish Bakery. There’s no better neighborhood.

I went to the University of Illinois in Chicago for my undergrad (yes, “circle campus”) and then chiropractic school in Lombard, IL. After graduation, my dad helped me buy a tiny practice in Northbrook from one of my teachers, which I promptly sold two years later. I joined a group of chiropractic offices and left after six years to start my own thing.

When people talk about their health, they often use a lot of RE words – “I want to reset, restore, restart, rebalance, refresh, reconnect, rejuvenate…” So I created RE: chiropractic as a place to do just that. I have adjusted rock stars and roller derby girls, but there’s no better feeling than a new mom who is having less headaches, a guy who can now bend down to pick after his dog, and a trans person who has less mid back pain after binding. These are the people of my neighborhood.

I love chiropractic and think it can take you where you want to go with your health. I believe medications have a place but are overused and only effective in treating symptoms. I have a common sense approach and think you should try one new thing at a time. I encourage progress, not perfection. I believe you are here to live a full, vibrant life, and you need good health to support that.

I’m Dr. Sarah Ghorbanian, and I check my email way too often.  I hope you get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Dr. Sarah Ghorbanian, Andersonville Chiropractor


Picking a chiropractor is hard. They’re all so different, you don’t know what to expect, you’re not even sure this is right for you. Maybe you’ve been judged, bodyshamed, misgendered, or had your concerns brushed aside by doctors before. Maybe you think chiropractic is for fit folks that run marathons and do juice fasts, who never eat M&M’s or drink too many martinis. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I have an “all bodies are good bodies” philosophy. No matter the body you’re working with or the lifestyle you are living, you are welcome in my office and this is a fine place to start.

They don’t all have back pain. Although they may have started seeing us for a particular issue, now they come regularly to maintain their health and alignment. Just like you know to brush your teeth and eat your vegetables, there is maintenance for every healthy habit.

Your brain, spine and nerves control your whole body, so keeping them healthy, in good alignment, and free to communicate is how you maintain wellness and heal when sick or injured.

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